Jefferson State Dive Locker


OIT Scuba Class




Spring 2014

Instructor: Dave Jensen

Office: 11030 Hwy 39.

Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Phone: 541 892-2603


Text: NAUI Scuba Diving

Prerequisites: Must be able to swim

Introduction: Scuba diving is an exciting and life-changing experience. This class will prepare you for the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) scuba diver certification. It is our desire to make this the very best class you take at OIT. To do this will require some effort on your part and our part. But that effort will be rewarded by giving you a skill that will change your life.


Dave Jensen has been diving for more than 20 years, and has been instructing scuba for more than 8 years. He the owner of Jefferson State Dive Locker, and the past owner of Jefferson State Pumping and Modoc Pumping. He is very community minded, and is currently on the board of director of Klamath Community College.

Andrew Yock is an accomplished diver, having dove extensively in the Pacific Northwest. He is a recent graduate of the electrical engineering department of OIT.

Pam Yock is a perpetual student in the civil engineering department of OIT. She is a very helpful diver and instructor.

Course Overview

This course will prepare you to successfully perform the skills required to be certified as a NAUI scuba diver.

There are three parts to the certification process:

1. Academic

2. Pool work

3. Open water checkout dives

We will conduct the academic and confined water training in this class. The checkout dives are NOT required as part of this class, but you are strongly encouraged to do them.

Classroom sessions: OIT Owens 142 Wednesdays from 3:00 p.m. - 5:50 p.m. We try to cover material that is on the written test and cover things that you need to know to dive safely. HOWEVER, time doesn't permit us to cover everything so you should suppliment your learning by reading the textbook.

The final written examination is 85 questions. It is multiple guess. A score of 75% is required to pass this class. This written examination is based on the material in your NAUI Scuba Diver textbook. The textbook should be read!

The pool sessions will be at the Ella Redkey Pool,1805 Main St, Klamath Falls. In the confined water sessions skills will be demonstrated by your instructor and then you will perform the skills. The skills build on each other, beginning with easy skills and progressing to more challenging skills. We have never encountered a properly motivated student who couldn’t learn the requisite skills.

There is ample time assigned to allow most students to learn all the skills. However, if we feel that additional practice time would be beneficial this will be provided.

The checkout dives consist of 5 open water dives. We are able to do three dives a day. They will be conducted at Whiskeytown, outside of Redding, Ca. The checkout dives are a review of the things you learned in class. Each dive is at least 20 minutes in length, and to at least 15’ depth. By the time of your check out dives you will be more than adequately prepared for this experience.


What’s included in your course fee

As part of the class fee you will receive your own:

1. Person dive gear (booties, snorkel, mask and fins). These are yours to keep.

2. Text book. Again, this is yours to keep.

3. Use of all the gear necessary to scuba dive

4. Certification fees from NAUI


I will buy back gear that you don’t want at the end of the term, but the nature of the gear is such that it will last the rest of your life and should be kept if possible.

NOT INCLUDED in your course fee

Transportation to/from the checkout dive site

Lodging for your checkout dives


There are only two grades possible in this class: and ‘A’ and an ‘F’

To pass this class you must:

  • attend all classroom/pool sessions

  • pass the final NAUI written examination with a score of over 75%. If you fail to pass the final written examination the first time you will get to retake the examination. Failure to pass the examination the second time means you’re SOL.

While we try to cover the more problematic subjects in class, it is highly advisable that you read and study the textbook as well.

Special needs

Scuba diving requires a certain level of physical well-being. Some physical and psychological conditions are absolute contraindications to diving. Should you have one of these you will be released from the class without prejudice.

Other special needs will be evaluated and accommodated on an individual basis.


It is our fervent desire to make this class an enjoyable and useful class. If there is ever anything that we can do to improve your experience in this class, please let one of us know.

Tentative class schedule


Place Topic Skill

April 2



OIT OW 142






April 4

Ella Redkey Pool   Swim test

April 9


Equipment orientation

April 11 Ella Redkey Pool   Skin diving

April 16

OIT Gear up  

April 18

Ella Redkey   First scuba dive

April 23

OIT Physics  

April 25

Ella Redkey


Regulator skills

April 30

OIT Dive Tables  

May 2

Ella Redkey  

May 7

OIT Dive environment  

May 9

Ella Redkey  

May 14

OIT Dive planning/recording  

May 16

Ella Redkey   Mask skills
May 21 OIT Review for exam  
May 23 NO POOL! (Memorial Weekend)   Emergency skills
May 28 OIT Review  
  Whiskeytown Optional! Checkout dives
June 4 OIT Final written  

Review examination

Record dives

Final goodbyes!



There is an "extreme sport" called apnea diving, which is breath holding.  You think you're good. Check out some of these world records:

Breath holding (not doing anything but floating in pool)

Mens: 8'58", Women 6'31"

Swimming horizontal no fins! 

women 108 meters, men 166 meters!

Swimming horizontal with fins

Women 172 meters, Men 200 meters (for your information, the OIT pool is about 25 meters long. This record is the same distance you swam in the swimming part of your class. Only it was underwater. On one breath!)

No limits depth men:171meters, women 160 meters

Several of these records are still held by my heartthrob, Tanya Streeter!

For more information on this interesting sport see:


Sample dive table questions.

1. What is the maximum dive time for a dive to 48'?

2. What is the ending pressure group after a dive to 52' for 48 minutes?

3. What is the pressure group from question #2 after a surface interval of 3 hours 12 minutes.

4.  Now what is your residual nitrogen time for a dive to 52'?

5. What is your adjusted maximum dive time for a dive to 52'?

6. Using the information from question #3,After a repetitive dive to 52' for 20 minutes what is your pressure group?

7.  This may make you scratch your heads. Let's see how good you really are.  What is the MINUMUM surface interval for a dive to 60' for 48 minutes followed by a dive to 50' for 20 minutes?!