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NAUI Classes

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"Proud to be NAUI"

We are proud to offer all NAUI classes from beginner through and including Instructor. In addition we also offer PADI Classes.

Also, some NAUI classes are offered through our Oregon Intitute of Technology Dive Program.

Try Scuba $25.00

A half day orientation to scuba. Listen to a brief lecture, gear up with scuba equipment, then make your first dive in the swimming pool! That simple! Still too scared to try it? Read this award winning article from one student who conquered her fears.

Scuba Diver Certification $325.00

This class requires about 14 hours of academic work, much of which can be done at home, at least 10 hours of time spent in the water, and at least 5 open water check out dives. Once certified, you will be comfortable preparing and executing  your own dives.  

You will start in the swimming pool getting used to breathing underwater.  As your confidence grows you will learn various techniques to make you more comfortable underwater.  Each skill builds on the previous one.  

By the end of the class you will be able to safely plan and execute your own dives.  You will be able to purchase  air fills and rent scuba gear.

 We are proud of the quality of our Scuba class. Our desire is not only to get you certified, but to make sure you're comfortable with your diving. People learn at different rates, and we work hard to make sure you're comfortable in the water, no matter how long it takes. We do NOT offer a quickie class to make you a weekend wonder. If you want that type of training we would be happy to refer you to a shop that provides that type of instruction.

Referral for Scuba Diver Certification $150.00

Going on a trip? Do the preliminary work here (lecture and pool). We will then refer you to an accredited dive instructor in the vicinity of your vacation destination. Then you can complete your open water dives and certification at your convenience. Great way to enjoy your next vacation!

Advanced Scuba Diver $200.00 one time payment or $50.00 per dive

There is much to learn beyond the Open Water Certification. In this class you will be introduced to more challenging dive conditions. You must complete 6 dives. Of these six three are mandatory. You must complete a deep dive, night dive, and navigation dive. The deep dive and night dive must be done with an instructor.

The three elective dives may be chosen from a wide variety of experiences such as  boat diving, underwater photography, altitude diving, underwater naturalist, search and recovery. 

Although the minimum amount of time required is one weekend, our goal is to make you truly an advanced diver.  Other agencies will certify you as an "Advanced" diver with as few as 9 dives (four as entry level, and 5 as part of the advanced class).  Our class will take as many dives as necessary to make you a real advanced diver!

Prerequisite: Scuba Diver Certification

Master Scuba Diver $300.00 This covers all aspects of diving in great depth. Eight dives are required, and will correspond to the area being studied.  Required dives are: emergency procedures and rescue, Deep/simulated decompression diving, night or limited visibility diving, underwater navigation, search and recovery-light salvage.  (Prerequisite: Advanced Scuba Diver or equivalent, age 15)

Rescue Diver $200.00

This course emphasizes problem prevention and management. Various emergency scenarios will be practiced.  This physically demanding but emotionally satisfying course greatly improves a diver's self confidence and ability to handle various diving emergencies.  It encompasses self rescue and other rescue.

(Prerequisite: Medic First Aid and CPR, Advanced Scuba Diver or equivalent)

One weekend.

PREP (Instructor Preparatory Program)

This course is a prerequisite to attending an Instructor Training Course for any person not certified as a NAUI Assistant Instructor or Divemaster. Further, NAUI Assistant Instructors and Divemasters are encouraged to complete a PREP.

The program includes both instruction and evaluation. You will be given knowledge, water skills and other performance evaluations, critiques and counseling to ensure that you are aware of your state of preparedness for entering NAUI Instructor training.

Upon completion of the PREP you will receive a written summary of recommendations regarding your state of preparedness.



Water Skills

These activities are to be comfortably performed:


Assistant Instructor $200.00 This course teaches the skills necessary to assist with scuba classes.  It involves about 13 academic hours, and at least 7 water hours, including at least one open water dive. 

(Prerequisites: Master Scuba Diver or equivalent, Scuba Rescue or equivalent, and at least 20 open water dives in varied environment, depth and activities)

Skill requirements:


Skin Diving

Scuba Skills (confined water)

Scuba Skills (open water)


Divemaster $525.00  In this class you will be trained to organize and conduct dives for certified divers. Divemasters are qualified to assist Instructors.  Your dive skills and knowledge will be perfected. You will study dive theory, physics, physiology, equipment and the environment. At least 20 academic hours and 10 water hours are required.  Ten open water dives are required.  In addition you will spend time outside class researching and mapping dives sites, organizing notes and preparing for dive briefing and activities. 

Water skills   


(Prerequisite: Preferred is Assistant Instructor. However, certification as Master Scuba Diver and Rescue diver or equivalent is permissible. For equivalency the candidate must pass the Master Scuba Diver written examination of at least 75%. Twenty five logged dives)

Final exam!

Instructor Training Program (ITC)$525.00

This class teaches you to teach others. You will learn effective ways to teach academic, confined and open water scuba skills. It involves about 75 hours of academic work, and at least 15 hours of water time.

(Prerequisite: Assistant Instructor, Divemaster, Master Scuba Diver or have taken the PREP class within past year.. At least 50 logged dives)

Following this you will be qualified to take the Instructor Qualifying Program (IQP). During this your presentations will be evaluated by impartial judges. Passing this will allow you to teach scuba.

Skill requirements

Oral presentations.

six classroom (4 entry level, 1 advanced, 1 leadership)

one confined water session briefing

two open water briefings

two open water debriefings

In-water presentations

Three confined water presentations

Three open water presentations (one should relate to an advanced or specialty activity)

Diving Skills

Present evaluated in-water demonstration of staff selected skin diving and scuba diving skills.

Perform an evaluated demonstration of a open water scuba rescue.

Academic requirements

Methods of instruction (teaching theory, methods, communication, lesson preparation, etc.

Practical instruction (organizing a course, skill problem solving, etc)

Diving Safety

Business of Diving Instruction (marketing, budgeting, ethics)



Instructor Qualifying Program (IQP) ($325.00)

Once you've completed the ITC you're eligible to attend the IQP.  This is the final exam, and passing this will allow you to teach programs from try scuba through divemaster.

This is rigorous two day examination covers all aspects of teaching.  You will be required to perform water skills including skin diver ditch and don. You will give at least one graded classroom presentation on which you must get a passing score. You will demonstrate you ability to teach in confined water as well as open water. Oh yes. There's also a written examination!

Because we have a Course Director on staff, all the examination can be done right here! This is a major advantage because you won't have to travel to Monterey, CA or Portland to take the test.

Specialties $75.00

We teach numerous specialties including night, drift, drysuit, naturalist, multilevel, deep, altitude, search and recovery, photography, Medic First Aid and many more. Each specialty involves a minimum of 2 dives.

Nitrox $100.00

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of Nitrox. Lecture and two dives.